Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whew - way too much cheering . . .

We really did it big time yesterday! There is nothing like living in a university town for the last football home game of the season. It is no different here in Bozeman when the Montana State University Bobcats play. We go to every game - see friends, cheer ourselves to a hoarse whisper, and leave in a good mood when we win. Sometimes, of course, we don't win. We won yesterday and beat Portland State U. It was a great game - good weather for football - not too warm and not too cool. We left the game, did some errands and then headed to the first basketball game of the season. Not such a good outcome on this one, but not unexpected. We played Nevada (Reno) and lost, but the crowd was "into it" and the players came back from a large deficit to keep it exciting at the end.

I am finishing up a quilt that has been on my table too long and then I am going to do some "tailoring" to make a minor change in the sleeve of this suede jacket. The shoulders are too wide and it is a new favorite. I want to wear it to lunch tomorrow with my "lunch bunch". I am going to open a seam in the lining, readjust the shoulder pad and take the should seam in just a bit at the top - that is the plan anyway. I can I will share what I come up with later.

Friday afternoon, Weston came out to visit and then one of my good friends and neighbors came over for a cup. She has been a good friend since our days as freshman in college and bought the neighboring place when I moved back to Montana 15 years ago. She and her hubby run a B & B there now and spent the month of October in Australia so there is lots to catch up. Weston takes pictures and after she got over the shock of me letting him use my digital camera, he took this cute picture (double chins aside) of the two of us. I am amazed at his ability as he is only three. Of course, I am just a bit prejudice. LOL

Have a great Sunday!

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