Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is all about good friends . . . and being a bit eccentric!

I will start with friendship here. Several of my good "blogging reads" this week have shared the wonderful joy and comfort of good friendship. And sometimes good friendship can bring new adventure as well.

"Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren't bad people, they're just acquaintances." Jay Leno

I seem to be working hard to become more and more eccentric. Well I am not really "working" at it intentionally, but it sure seems to be happening. Yesterday, some friends (fairly new friends) and I gathered for a "facial party". Two of them sell "NuSkin products" - and, yes, I bought. They do one side of the face with the device and gels and I could really see a difference on my face. Even still this morning, there is a difference. I am going to do my whole face today and even if there is no differece, I will think there is and that will be exciting.

You know, I have been doing Weight Watchers online for a year. I have done pretty darm good and have lost about 35 pounds. The best part is that I never feel I am "on a diet" anymore. I have been on a diet all of my life and most of the time it has not been successful until it "clicked" with me a year ago. But I have not lost anything more since July. I haven't gained any and I have stayed on my good eating program. I might gain a couple pounds on special days like Thanksgiving, but it drops right off when I go back to my normal eating. But, I am stuck right here and want to "ratchet it up a level".

One of the friends and I rode to the party together. On the way home, we decided we wanted to work together on our weight loss goals. She has been going to WW meetings, but finds it way to easy to not get there as she works full time at the university and is a single woman with a small horse boarding operation so always has lots to do. (She os already a bit more eccentric.) So we decided to both do WW online, meet once a week with printed food diaries, and do some kind of intentional exercise each day for 30 minutes (planning to build up to 45) that we will report as well. And, do our NuSkin treatments twice each week. I am going to walk for my exercise each day for this week. It is fun to meet new friends and I love heading toward being more eccentric. It will be a great journey.

This week I am heading to Missoula on Thursday and Friday. I will probably stay over both nights and come home early Saturday. I am hoping to see some of my Western Montana friends as well as do some Christmas shopping with Mom. Mom is doing so much better since they changed some meds for her after her heart "a-fib" scare. She has "wonderful" new friends now in her senior living place that she eats with - two different sets for different meals. And Dad is making friends and having better days as well in the nursing home. There really isn't much difference no matter where we live - it is all about staying positive, keeping active, loving family, and enjoying our friends . . .and enjoying being eccentric when it comes.

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