Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally . . .

I started this quilt a couple weeks ago and then took it off to await a "conference" with the owner about a change in what we had planned. I am delivering it today and I like it a lot. I want one like it in fact and I am not even a "cowgirl"

The next one up is the "sweatshirt" quilt shown below. I will have Hoke do it and post more pics when it is done. It is actually cute - done from original design sweatshirts from a group of guys who have been attending the same hunting camp together for years. I think Miss Daisy may need to use 4 wheel drive to get through some of the corners, but we will give it a try. It is nicely pieced but is just a bit like armor. The designs are really fun!

We are having folks in tomorrow for a the annual "Cat-Griz" football game. We are the Bobcats here at Montana State and the University of Montana are the Grizzlies. They historically win, but gathering with friends should make it less painful to watch. So I am off to get some groceries to fix some bread and soup - and a couple other things. Weston is going to shop with me. . . that will be a stich.


Anonymous said...

Cute quilting on the boots! I can't wait to see what the t-shirt quilt looks like. Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she's better very soon. My DH's sister sounds a lot like yours, minus the intellect and caring. We only hear from her when things are really, really bad. It's not fun. Hang in there!

Tina C.

Carol said...

Tina - thanks for the comments on the boots quilt and the warm understanding about family issues. I am working today on the hunting quilt and it has some of the cutest designs which I will add to the blog later.