Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wild and wonderful weekend . . .

It was a great time - but God knows what he is doing when he gives them to the young.

Weston and Walker were here this weekend. They came yesterday morning and stayed until this evening. We love having them come to visit. We had a Target shopping spree for Valentine treats and a fun supper out at Wendy's last night. We had their favorite waffles this morning, made valentine buttons, mini donut pops, learned to make videos and Weston did a great job "doing the news" on a little video he made. And, Walker got in a little nap and woke up sick so there was a lot of unplanned washing. Tonight we made a big "make your own" taco/nacho supper in the evening and had everyone here to end the day. As soon as everyone was out the door, Bob and I put up our feet and let out a big sigh - good memories from every minute.

But, I am not far from bed and it is just 8 pm. We are so blessed.

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