Saturday, July 26, 2008

A wonderful visit . . .

Yesterday, my good friend, Patricia came to visit and we had a great time. (You can see her beautiful work by clicking on her name in the right column.) My jaw is sore from all of the talking and laughing we did. We mostly talked about our quilting works in progress, looked at pictures online of quilt show winners and I shared with her the wonders of Hoke (my IQ). She is such an inspiration with her quilting and I love being inspired to "go beyond" the comfort zone as she does consistently.

We then spent a bit of time making these felted wool pincushions following the directions in this book from Betz White. (It is connected here to should you want more info.) It is a fun book with great picture directions and wonderful projects. Here is a picture of our efforts. Now, realize we were in the midst of these late yesterday afternoon when we decided a good drink was in order. If the picture seems a bit blurry it may have been my eyes and not the camera. LOL.

We had a good early morning walk for a couple miles to see the sunrise this morning and then came back to more coffee and breakfast before she left on her way home. It was a wonderful visit with a good friend and we set down some great goals for our quilting this coming year. Thank you, Patricia!


Anonymous said...

ooh i LOVE those cupcakes! and what fun to have a visit from a friend. yea!

Patricia said...

Carol is a superb hostess! Her guest room makes you feel like you are in some luxury spa. We had such fun working on our projects, talking and laughing the whole time. Her studio is a wonderland of technology, with all her new toys. Thank you for a fabulous visit, Carol!