Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy week . . .

We have had a busy one . . . Bob is doing well with his hip recovery and is already driving and has been back at work for a couple hours a day since Wednesday. I was the chauffeur until yesterday to take him to work, physical therapy, the doc, and the lab for blood work. It has been so much easier than the knee replacement. He is "an easy keeper".

One more try to replace the odd circulating motor in the refrigerator this Monday. The replacement part is not available and will not be available for a couple months - what? How can I live two more months without a frig in the kitchen? It has been two weeks and I have not loved using the extra one in the garage that much - LOL! The repairman has another idea that might work. So, if his proposed repair on Monday doesn't work, I am off to shop for a new refrigerator.

Weston has been out to visit a couple afternoons this week. He waters the plants for me - well he waters himself and the plants might get a drop or two. Who needs toys for boys with a hose and some water?

Not a lot else happening here - a little sewing, a little quilting, and some playing with Miss Daisy and Hoke. Nothing worthy of any more pictures - yet. But just you wait . . . I am feeling some new energy coming on. . . just you wait!

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