Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving out the wool . . .

Several years ago I got hooked on felted wool from recycled sweaters. I loved "the hunt" for beautiful wool sweaters from thrift shops that I could then felt, cut apart and organize. I became addicted to "the hunt" and the pretty colors all organized in rolls. I am now thinning out my felted wool stash - here are a few of the ones I am keeping. I have several garbage bags filled and in the car this morning ready to go to a neighbors where we are doing a workshop on making coats and pillows from felted wool. Here are some of the samples I am taking for ideas for those coming to create.

The first one is pillows - I kept these two, but have given many away as gifts. My friend Gail, from Denver, makes the pillows as well and she has done several in the cream colored wools that are very elegant.

I have also made a few coats and here are a pictures of two of them. I start people out with rectangular cuts, zigzag together, and then use a "joiner" to stabalize the seam. Some like to glue the pieces to a cotton backing before zigzagging them together. I like the drape of the sweater fabric without the backing better, but there are some issues to deal with from that as well. The first coat picture is a long coat with a combination of ultra suede and trim for the "joiners". The second coat is "free-style" cutting with all different trim for joiners. You can also make beautiful purses and vests. Here is one of the purses.

It will be a good day and a wonderful way to thin out my wool stash.

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