Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting ready . . .

Here it is Wednesday already. There is not much creative or inspirational to share going on here. I did get a couple good pictures when I was out early this morning of our close mountains so here's one and you can see the combination of the green and the snow.My Dad is in the hospital in Missoula. We are not sure what is going on. He went in on Monday and is doing better now, but they are going to keep him a couple days to check things out before he gets to go home. I am so glad we went over on Sunday for Father's Day to "surprise" him. He really wasn't surprised but was in a good place. I was sharing with him my "new" saying - "mind your own business" - which fits me a lot. He said I was forgetting a word - it should be, "mind your own damn business" - I like that!

I am thinning out the house a little at a time, reorganizing my mess upstairs - oops, I mean "my studio" - and continuing to learn EQ6 and my new Pfaff Creative Vision. I am watching videos for the Intelliquilter that is also going to arrive in a couple weeks and getting some thinking going for a Quilt Study Group I plan to start this fall here in Montana. Mix in with that a couple afternoons a week with Weston, some fun teaching topics I am dreaming of doing, and a little social life with neighbors and friends and I am busy and focused. It feels good!

Maybe this is what people did long ago when they got ready for the long wagon trip West. Maybe they had lots of new stuff to learn and lots to get ready. That is what it feels like to me - I am getting ready and I am planning on a wonderful creative journey soon. I can hardly wait to get started, but I know there is a lot of work to be done first.


Teresa L said...

Carol, I hope your father will be okay.

Beautiful photo of the fields and mountains.

jhwolf said...

My prayers go out to you, you Dad, and family.

The mountains are beautiful. My brother lives outside of Enterprise, ID and he has a view like this out the back of his house. It's always breathtaking!

I'm sure the excitement is building waiting for you new toy, I mean tool. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Your work is wonderful already so I can't imagine what is yet to come.

Judy in MO

Carol said...

Thank you both for your warm wishes for Dad. It means a lot to have such good cyber friends. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

love the photo. so peaceful. i hope that your dad is feeling better by now. and how exciting about the IQ! congrats.

Debbie Tribble said...


I live up in Eureka, but would be very interested in a Quilt Study Group. Would you please keep me in mind as you develop your group?
debbie tribble