Monday, May 5, 2008

Life is good . . .

I was in town today to get my hair cut and to get the tires rotated on LilyB. We are both getting ready to head out to Salt Lake City on Wednesday for HMQS. And, we have to look good. It is a bit harder for me than for LilyB. A good bath will shine her right up - it is going to take more than that for me!

I ran into a longarm quilter friend in town, Tracy Yadon. She was waiting for some tire work as well. I hadn't visited with her since late last summer before I went to Laramie. I had noticed her quilting referenced in a recent magazine and she hadn't known about it so we had a great time going through the magazines at B & N while enjoying some good dark Starbuck's. Her quilting is on p. 24/25 of the June issue of McCall's Quilting. She quilted a quilt by Margo Krager from our own Reproduction Fabrics here in Bozeman. Laura Heine from Fiberworks in Billings also has a quilt in this issue. Montana is well represented!

I will some pictures of my trip to HMQS on Wednesday.

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