Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy, fun, days . . .

It has been the best of times! We have taken Meagan to her preschool and picked her up each day.

We have shopped and shopped some more at the Disney Store, at the Pumpkin Patch, at Macy's and Nordstroms - and we have more to go in the next couple days. We have added crystals to a shirts and we have a shirt to paint and add more crystals tomorrow.

We have eaten out at all of our "favorite" places in Portland and there are only a couple more to hit in the next couple days.

We have walked Kassie and gotten very good and don't consider it a chore at all! Hmmm - maybe a dog is in order. And we have played in the parks a couple times with Kassie as well.

We have gone to see "Sleeping Beauty" and had to dress in our best princess dress for that.

And the very best part - we have spent lots of time swimming in the pool with Grandpa! Just two more days and we have to leave, but - it is the best of times!

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myolivebranch said...

she's beautiful! looks like you had a grand time. i'm glad.