Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy couple days . . .

I am in Portland! Drove in last night about 6:30 pm and what a beautiful drive it was! There was not a cloud in the sky and I could see Mount Hood from the time I crossed the Columbia River as I entered Oregon. I have never been to Portland this time of year and I am amazed at the flowers. I have heard all about them, but remember = this person from Montana left home without seeing any leaves on the trees yet. This is truly gorgeous country and even more appreciated following a long, cold winter in the Rockies.

I will take some pictures when Kassie and I take our next walk. Of course, it is also going to be very, very warm here today - but what beautiful views in every direction!

We had a late supper last night after I got in and Meagan and I played with "our" Barbie dolls. I bought a couple for her when I was here at Christmas and she has kept them in their boxes until I returned. She is precious! I got to take her to her school today and I will go pick her up here in a bit. She and I are going to her favorite place for lunch - "Carl's Jr." Wish me luck!


Jan Thompson said...

Carol - we were in Portland last October for first time. It is a great place! I'm so jealous that you and Ronda are taking the girls out! Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you made it safe and sound, the weather has been gorgeous even though we have been inside and unable to enjoy the evenings have been heavenly... I'll give you a call later... Love Ya... Ronda