Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday stuff . . .

I have been doing some work again with "Art and Stitch". It is digitizing software for creating designs for quilting machine robots and embroidery machines. The company owners and developers have free webinars every few months and the one last Sunday was about the combining of patterns from the library, adding pearls, and then some refined editing. I had our grandsons here and may have missed a few steps, but here is a project using what I learned that I finished last night. I will test it out on my IQ in a couple days.

Then my mom called from Arizona and she is coming back to cold Montana on Monday - not sure what the issues are but she assured me it is not a health issue. We will be glad to have her back for Christmas, but I know she was looking forward to a month of warmer weather and some good time with my sister her daughter, Mom's granddaughter. I hope everything is okay.

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