Friday, December 30, 2011

It is going to be quick . . .

It has been a glorious time since I last posted.

We had a wonderful "Christmas Gathering" Thursday before Christmas. It was an open house for friends, family and neighbors and we will do it again as it was a wonderful evening.

Christmas weekend was filled will good food, fun gifts, and lots of family love.

I am enjoying my new iPod. Weston was here yesterday and today and he is much better at "Angry Bird" than I could possibly be. Amazing as he is 6 and has never played it before. I have found some great quilting apps and really love one I downloaded for play cribbage. I love cribbage and Bob is not a card playing kind of guy.

Get ready for the New Year! We are heading to a neighborhood party tomorrow evening after we have dinner with Mom. Have a wonderful and safe New Years!

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