Monday, September 27, 2010

Two busy weeks . . .

It was a bit over two weeks ago when we were on the Hood Canal getting ready to go to Portland. Well we did that and had a wonderful week with Meagan and Roy. We got to pick Meagan up from school every day and she even stayed overnight a couple nights with us in Gus. It was a magical time. Here she is dancing away on the picnic table at the RV park. I missed them both the moment we left and have continued to miss them with each day.

I did get some sewing done while in Portland. I found this wonderful little table that has a height adjustment that works perfectly for the little machine. It is light and very stable so it is great for just this purpose. This part of Gus became my little sewing area. I wish I had purchased a second one of these tables, but I brought this one in so I can use it when I am not working in my studio - either in the house or while traveling. It seems to be perfect.

This morning I just got back from having the invisible braces put on my teeth and they are on now - hmmm - can't see them. My teeth used to be straight, but as I have gotten older (and older and older), they are moving around. I also really, really grind on them at night. So I needed a new night guard and decided a couple months ago that maybe I could get them straightened and then try to keep them straight with a new night guard. I will wear them for about a year with changes every few weeks and they are almost invisible. I think I might also drop a few pounds - always a good thing - as I have to wear them 22 hours a day and night. I must take them out to eat anything or drink anything other than water. And then when I do put them back in, I first must floss, use the waterpik or rinse well. That is a lot of work to do for a cookie, so we will see. It might change more than my teeth.

Enjoy your week and all of your blessings.


Gina said...

LOL I'd eat the dang cookie and u know it!
I love the lil table, I think I had one simlar in our RV. Is it from Costco? Good luck on the new toffies.. I think they are beautiful already!

Carol said...

It is going okay with the teeth trays - learning to eat three meals and no snacks - a totally new concept for me. LOL! I got the table at Camping World - I saw one similar at Walmart, but not as sturdy.