Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It is Wednesday already . . .

I am not sure at all what happened on Monday - the crud won! I did find out I have viral bronchitis so I am taking "mucinex", drinking lots of water, getting some good rest and feeling better. Yesterday I remember so it was a tie between me and the crud. Today - I am beating it!

We found out yesterday that the problem with the refrigerator in Gus was much more serious than just replacing a simple part. We won't be able to get it repaired until next week after a major part is trucked in. So - no refrigerator - what to do? Do we cancel our special, long-awaited, trip to Seattle and Portland? At first we thought - yup, we need to get it fixed and go later. But this morning we decided we would just go anyway so we have lots to do and I am glad I am feeling better so I can get it done. I think there were over 500,000 people who crossed the prairie 150 years ago and not one of them had a refrigerator. We aren't going to miss any of the fun.

This morning my piano called to me - "come play with me". I don't play much any more, but it was sure fun to sit down and play again - I think I will do more of that. I am going to play some every day.

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