Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heading south . . .

Well - south to Portland that is. We have loved our time here on the Hood Canal. We had to do some reading this morning and found it is really a fjord that is about 50 miles long off the Puget Sound. This is gorgeous country and we hope to get back out here in our travels.

Gus and Jeepers (we named the jeep) are doing fine - we think. Of course, we are such newbies at the RVing lifestyle, we might not really know. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. We are enjoying our time and are in no hurry to head home. We have a week planned in Portland and we were talking this morning that maybe we should take a few extra days heading home after that.

We are looking forward to seeing our "kids" - our son, Roy, and granddaughter, Meagan. Don't you just love that smile? We are planning to enjoy some ice cream with her soon - lots of ice cream - with maybe a couple shopping trips thrown in!

And most importantly - it is also a day of remembrance.

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