Sunday, May 30, 2010

A very full week . . .

The time since last Sunday has been very full. We took our first "real" outing in Gus, our motorhome. We went to Billings with good friends and had a wonderful few days of laughing, shopping and enjoying the comfort of our own "homes" when we returned to the RV park. Everything on Gus worked fine. When we bought him last September, there were some things that had to be fixed and we got them fixed in Spokane before bringing him back to Montana in October. He had been winterized so we couldn't test out all the systems. We are really, really newbies to the RVing world. Our plan was to head south after Christmas, but that plan got put on hold when the snow came (and kept coming) and Bob had some medical problems. All is better now and we are going to enjoy the Gus.

We also celebrated Walker's first birthday this week. Here are a couple of pictures - one after eating his pizza which is all over his face. But he was so excited and the cake was ready for the second part of the celebration. The second picture shows him while he was really enjoying the birthday cake. And he really did enjoy it!

But - - - yesterday was one of those days that will be indelible in my memory forever. We went to Fort Benton to bury Dad's ashes at the cemetery where his family is buried. He passed away last December in Missoula and we had a funeral/memorial service a few days later there. Here is a picture of Dad a couple years back with my son, Roy. His name came from Dad, his Grandpa Roy. The weather was awful in December and so many of nieces, nephews, and friends could not get to Missoula. Montana is a big state and when the snow falls and the wind blows, it is not for traveling. So, yesterday, we gathered in Fort Benton to share memories, gather hugs, shed some tears, and give thanks that we all knew Dad, Uncle Roy, Grandpa Roy, good friend Roy. I love him more every day.

We may head to the lake today or early tomorrow with Gus. We are blessed.

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