Friday, May 21, 2010

Just an update . . .

It is hard work to "MMOB" - mind my own business that is. But, I have done very well for the past 9 days. It has made the load of the journey much lighter. I have had a couple set backs - both with my Bob. That is the one area I really need to focus my energies to not tell him how to do things "better" before there is even a need.

Also I want to share another "ah-ha" I had this week. I was at our Art Group on Tuesday night. It is kind of an informal group of fiber artists and I am fortunate to be included. One of the women is very prolific and brings several items each month to share. Another member said to her, "I just don't know how your brain works to get so much done." The first artist responded, "My brain doesn't do the work, my fingers do." That stuck with me. I am so often "in my head" designing quilts and art that I don't get enough time to let my fingers work. So this has been a nice addition to my 30 day "no solutions offered" journey. I am just letting my fingers do the work.

We are taking off in Gus today for a short trip to Billings so I will write more later.

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