Monday, September 14, 2009

Movin' On . . .

We are in Spokane tonight - staying at our favorite hotel. We had the greatest visit with "John and Carol" from BC and it was so much fun to sit outside on the patio, drink a good bee, and just enjoy. They were here for a holiday, didn't know them before, but it was sure nice. We decided that as we continue our "retirement" journey we will keep a journal of the wonderful people we meet along the trail.

Tomorrow we are heading to look at a couple motorhomes - not holding our breath that either is "the one". We will then head on to Seattle in the afternoon and stay there until Saturday. I am going to Innovations to take in a couple classes from Helen B on the latest and greatest of the IQ. I am also anxious to visit with Megan about some new things for my A1.

We are also going up north of Seattle for a friend's "housewarming" on Camino Island (wherever that is) and then to visit with another couple who we love and enjoy.

You know - this time away is fun stuff.

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