Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Excited . . .

Being as this blog is about me and my "third act" - that is the time between 60 and 90 - then I have to share a couple photos about our new purchase. We are so excited! And, I will keep a journal of our travels here as well as quilting and family stuff.

The first one is of the outside. It is a 2005 Monaco Cayman - guess you can read that part from the picture - you can click to enlarge the pics. We were going to purchase a gas, but found this diesel and we are very excited - about the coach and the price. The second picture is of the inside. We had looked at so many and had quite a list of "wants" - like separate room for the toilet - shower without tub - chairs rather than dinette booth - medium to dark wood - some wood on the floors - neutral carpeting - one couch and one easy chair rather than two couches and driver and passenger chairs that turn around. This one met those requirements for me and it met Bob's requirements on price and engine.

We will pick it up next week - or the first part of the following week. We had offered to help our son with his business the end of next week and with Weston as Rainy is going to be out of town with Walker for a wedding she is in for a few days. So, it may be the first part of the following week. We are pretty excited.

And, now to start the decorating ideas. Of course, I will need to design and make a new quilt for the bed - and a wall hanging - and some nice place mats - and - more ideas here than time for sure. It is funny how we can get so excited about figuring out how to live in 300 square feet. . . it must be age regression.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful motorhome, inside and out! I hope you and your husband have wonderful travels.