Friday, May 15, 2009

Long, good day . . .

A great Friday. I started out with a good walk in our mall and then a quick run through Joann's and even found a jacket pattern I have been looking for and it was only 1.99 - McCall's - on sale.

Then I got home and a good friend called me and we met for lunch so it was back into town again. We lingered over some great lunch - I had my favorite - crabcakes which is an appetizer with a bit of a spicy slaw. I love it as a lunch. They are the best crabcakes - all crab.

I even got in some sewing this afternoon - not quilting, but regular sewing.

Bob and I then picked up Weston about 4 and we played for the rest of the day before we took him home about 8. He is having a funny time now as we all wait for the baby brother to be born. He wants us all together all of the time. He is great fun - and quite a challenge. I always remember a saying from an older family friend about grandkids - "God knows what he is doing when he gives them to the young".

Tomorrow we are off to Missoula for a quick visit and then we won't be leaving town again until that baby arrives.