Friday, September 4, 2015

It is time to fight . . .

I am over my weeping about what has happened to Walker.  Of course I wish it hadn't happened.  Of course I would rather it be me.  But it did happen and it isn't me.  It is this very precious 6 year old grandson.  So it is time to get going with support, prayers, work and all the rest that has to be done.

Here is a link with more info about what is causing his slow progress following his brain surgery.
This cerebellar mutism is part the greater Posterior Fassa Syndrome.  This impacts some children who have this kind of tumor removal surgery.  It is going to make his recovery slower, but he will recover with good physical, speech and occupational therapy.  More will be known in a few days about the tumor itself and what that means for ongoing treatment concerning radiation and chemo. The road will be long and treacherous.  There is no time or place for me to feel so down.

Here is a picture of him being read to today by his Denver grandma, lovingly known as Vma.

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