Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It has been some kind of year . . .

First I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year as you welcome in 2014.

I have tried to get back to blogging - not made it as you can tell.  But I think I want to try again.  We will see what happens.

Right after my last blog from our Memorial Day trip, we moved my 92 year old mom into a senior living place where she has her own nice 2 bedroom apartment.  We worked hard for several days getting the move done, unpacked, pictures hung - you know the drill.

Then 4 days after she moved - on June 4th - she had a subdural hematoma - bleeding in the brain between the outer cover of the brain and the inner side of her skull.   It was major.  She ended up having surgery as they thought she was a good candidate for a few more years.  She has recovered over the past few months and is now enjoying her life in her senior living apartment, participating in lots of activities and enjoying new friends.  She walks without a cane or walker, takes total care of herself with just a little assistance for a couple meds.  So it all worked out well but it has been an interesting many months of hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and family - support and conflict.  Enough said on that!  I am just glad she is enjoying a bit more of life.

Our holiday time was wonderful - good memories and some time to do a little creating . . . 

Here is a project I am working on now.  It is a table runner made from dark batik.  The thread is gold metalic with charcoal in the areas where you can't really see the quilting.  The second photo has side lighting so you can better see the quilting.   It is good to be back with my work.

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