Thursday, September 15, 2011

Granite . . .

When I wrote last, we were going to look at the granite we selected to see how the templates created the week before would layout with the pattern in the granite. It has been an interesting three weeks. The fabricator (also part of the company where we purchased the cabinets, flooring, and granite) told us they could not put granite in our kitchen as we had thought and been told - the area was too large. Hmmm - the sales person was there and her offering was, "Would you like me to check into other options?"

So we did some figuring on our own - checked with a couple other granite places - and found out it certainly was possible. The two other places had granite that would have worked, but we still preferred our first choice. So, we called the original sales person back, explained what we had found out and asked to have the fabricator come out. Some of the issues belonged to that sales person - the wrong measurements and the wrong sinks ordered.

Finally, the fabricator agreed to come out and with lots of grumbling, agreed it was possible, but it would take his whole crew to get it into our kitchen. I know they put larger sections of granite in lots of houses so I don't know what the "real problem" was. I suspect there is a "back story" here of people not getting along within this company, but who knows really.

He finally agreed to have it done and installed last week. That didn't happen , so after a few phone calls with the owner, it came yesterday. It looks fine.

Now for the real learning here - today we did our food bank delivery of senior groceries for those who can't get out to purchase groceries and who couldn't afford them if they could get out. We have 16 people on our route. We always feel so blessed - blessed that we are able to get to know these people and blessed that we have what we have.

And - the granite issue seems small - pathetic really. The learning is sometimes painful - but always good.


Anonymous said...

Pictures please!!

Judy in MO

Butterfly said...

Yes we need to see pictures of the kitchen progress.


tim said...

what kinds of Granite materials that you need ?
Please send Granite pictures.