Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new "normal"

Just when you wonder how in the world you will get it all done, you get a cold and your body says, "rest". Then you realize some things don't have to get done and you just set out to really enjoy the blessings of life around.

We have worked for the past two weeks to get Mom moved from Missoula. Lots got done - from find a condo, buy the condo, move, and have her sleeping in her own bed - all in less than one month. That is a miracle!

The grass in the front of the house is down, raked and ready to be baled. The man who takes care of that for us every year had some problems of his own this year. He is okay. We can see the house again from the road. That is good!

The kitchen project is back on and is moving forward now after taking the two week hiatus. It is looking good and painting will get done after Bob and I get over these colds that came to give us some much needed rest. That is amazing!

Gus is waiting patiently for some time to take a little trip, but he is waiting as are we. It may be that our "few days away" will have to wait until September. That is okay!

I enjoyed a few hours in my studio. I got caught up with the "block of the month" online group. This block was a fun one. And, I did some work on my next show quilt and some work toward a new dream. That is heavenly!

It is all part of this brand new normal!

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