Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mittens and visitors . . .

First off - I did get the mittens finished that I talked about trying in the last post. They will be so warm and just as cute as they can be. And, they are very easy. I lined these with fleece, but I have some cashmere recycled sweaters that I want to try on the next pair for lining. I think they will make nice Christmas gifts and it is fun to put the different sweater combinations together. These are red and dark charcoal although it looks black in this picture. The patterns worked really well and the instructions are great. Give them a try if you have some felted wool around. You will like them!

Weston and Walker visited today and we had a great time. Weston is getting so "grown up". He likes to play games on "PBSKids" and this is what he was doing here. He goes to a local sports group two mornings a week and is in pre-school three days a week so he is kept busy. Walker is just enjoying being 16 months. He talks (we don't always understand), runs, eats, laughs, and loves everything. When it is time for his nap, he just walks into the room with his bed here at Grandma's house, gets in his bed, lays down and "lights out". They are lots of fun to have as visitors.

I have a new quilt coming in tomorrow that I am going to quilt for one of the shops here. I am excited about it and that feels good.


Janna and Mike said...

Carol--love the mittens, at our guild Christmas party last year a woman brought a pair of mittens she had made as a gift, we did that crazy Chinese Christmas and I lost the mittens--so cute, I may have to try that.

Carol said...

You will love making the mittens if you do give it a try. Glad to hear that Michael is feeling better.