Thursday, August 19, 2010


So - what happened to me?

I went to Denver, saw "The Quilt Show" taping in Boulder where my good friend, Ronda Beyer, was the featured artist and she did a great job! She showed her new rulers with her own special touches to curved crosshatching. In the afternoon, I went on south to spend the rest of the week visiting another good friend, Gail. It was a wonderful week of rest, shopping, laughter, and sewing. I got home last Saturday eve and we have been busy every day since. . . and I am not sure doing just what, but busy.

I am quilting a couple baby quilts for Gail that she will use in "Christmas At Our House" boutique sale in November. The quilting is nothing "to write home about" - quick and easy. She is very active with The Denver Assistance League and it is the time of year where there is a lot for her to do.

We have also been putting new slide awnings on Gus. There are two slides and the awnings over both have rips. When the slides are put out, an awning rolls over the top to protect the slide top from rain, leaves and other stuff. We looked at having them done and that would have been about $1000. So, Bob, being the self-sufficient good man that he is, decided we can do it ourselves. He read all about it, took down the smaller one that goes over the bedroom slide and we fixed it by turning it around, trimming off the worn part, sewing new hems and putting it back up. Easy. There was lots of extra fabric on the roller than never saw the light of day. Now the awning over the slide cover for the living/dining room slide is bigger and in worse shape so we are going to see about finding some new similar canvas for a new one before we try repair. I had to get my old White sewing machine out and oil it up. We set it up in the garage and it sewed right through that stuff. Amazing old machine. I bought it new over 35 years ago when I was a young divorced mother and needed clothes so I could teach school. It saved the day then - and again now.

And to end the day - here is a picture of my favorite flowers from this year. Every year, things come out different in these two pots, but these are my favorite combination of flowers yet. I love these colors.

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad you had a good trip! the flowers are amazing. :)