Sunday, August 22, 2010

We did it!

We took down the slide cover awning from Gus and thought about repairing it, but decided it was too far gone. Se we found some good fabric available locally called Calliope - a vinyl covered awning fabric. Bob set up lots of big tables in the garage so we could measure, cut and stitch up a new awning. I wish I had taken a picture of that site - it was amazing with all of those tables and that little old sewing machine ready to do it's work. The awning is 52" by 152" and it turned out perfect. Even the color with our limited selection was okay as not much of it will show once the cover is back on. Bob got it back "up there" and it works great! Gus is 12 feet tall and it sits at the very top of Gus. The metal cover needs to be put on and then it will look like the one that is shown in the second picture. The second picture is of the first slide awning that we repaired. It was 48" by 72". We are so pleased that we did it ourselves and saved some dollars. I think we could go "into the business"

Weston and Walker were out to visit on Thursday. We had a wonderful day. In the first picture, there are "going to work" on their John Deere tractors. I love it! In the background is the old antique John Deere that we still use to plow in the winter, but it is almost covered with the hay grass that didn't get mowed from around it. In the second picture, Walker decided he wanted to ride the big tractor so Weston go on the front and Grandpa Bob had to help a bit. They had so much fun.

Now it is time for me to quit blabbing and get on with some house duties that we didn't do yesterday because we were playing like we were an awning shop.

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