Friday, December 11, 2009

Rethinking things . . .

First - I want to thank everyone who has sent me notes here and privately after Dad died. It really means a lot.

I have been rethinking things and I feel very free - very confident - very sure of my path - quite unusual for me on all fronts. I am going to put this blog on the back burner for a while. I may return after Christmas with the New Year - or maybe not.

After a while, it seems kind of like drivel to me - I mean of course I have gorgeous grandchildren and I even make some nice stuff and buy some pretty things. I have a great Scotty dog and we take fun trips with friends. But if I am going to continue to blog, for me, it will have to be about something more - and I am not sure what that might be that would be worthy of my writing the words and of your time to read them. If I were to start a shop, then I would want to blog again. If I were to teach again, then I would want to blog again. If I were to create patterns or write books, then I would want to blog. If I could find the wisdom to solve the world problems, then I would blog again. So far, I have done none of those things. But, I thank you for stopping by as you have.

And - I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season - whatever season you celebrate. It is my plan to have a Merry Christmas with all that comes with that joy. And to everyone, blessings on you with a Happy New Year!


Diana said...

I understand your thoughts. After a loss like your sweet father you begin to think many things are "drivel" and you would be right! A blog is meant to have fun, record your life, look back on...if you aren't getting enjoyment from it then stop.
Time heals...things seem "normal" again and we carry on. I also go long periods w/o blogging without apology I might add. Take care of yourself. I'll see you around the quilting forums!

Carol said...

Thank you, Diana. It is my own "drivel" that I speak of for sure. Blogging comes and goes for me. I appreciate those who come by to read and wish I had something of more value to offer - I just don't right now. But, you are right, Dad dying has made things seem less interesting in all aspects of my life. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol. You named all the reasons why I don't blog so I know where you are coming from. You know what I found the most interesting about your blog - when you would get introspective - like you have on this particular posting. I'll keep coming back here anyway -just to check.
Penny (Bubar)

Carol said...

Thank you, Penny. Your words are wise as always. Hmmm - a blog on my self examination while creating whatever would be interesting to me as well - I will ponder that one.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I hope that you will not quit sharing on your blog, I enjoy reading what you share even though I do not always leave a comment.

As one who stopped sharing via a blog, I hope you'll wait quite awhile before making that final decision. If you are like me, there will be days that you long to share a bit of yourself with your cyber friends. :)

After my father passed, I saw life through different eyes. There is still magic in each day, especially through your grandchildren, children and husband. But life's outlook and what importance things have, does change.

You are often on my mind, as are others who have lost a family member. Their passing leaves us with such a void, but also with many dear memories. I pray those treasured memories, will give you many smiles during the upcoming holiday.

Jami C said...

I will miss your blog posts, but you hve to do what is right for you. I've enjoyed getting to "know" you a little better through your blog.
I hope your Holiday is filled with family, friends and wonderful memories both old and new.
Take care of you...hope you come back soon!