Tuesday, December 8, 2009

continuing . . .

Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same.
-- Flavia Weedn

Dad's funeral was Saturday in Missoula. Lots of family and friends gathered to share good memories and some tears. We got home Sunday and yesterday I was a vegetable. Today was only a bit better -

Weston and Walker were out here today. They are cute guys and make my heart sing. Weston is getting so grown up. I guess I don't realize it until they are here together.

Then I went into the mall and did my walking and some shopping. Macy's had a good sale on Fiestaware and I have always wanted red dishes - now I have them - a set of eight and a pitcher. I will add more later - or not. Red makes my heart happy and I will eat on them every day and remember Dad. He would have loved these red dishes so I have them in his honor.

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