Friday, August 15, 2008

Time flies . . .

My studio has some new light thanks to a visit from our favorite electrician this morning. I am going on a very private quilting retreat starting tonight - just me - until Sunday evening. I am not totally sure what I am going to work on, but I am not coming out except for bed and a quick trip to town tomorrow to take a few quilts in for our "first annual indoor/outdoor quilt show". The show is next weekend and I borrowed three antique quilts from Mom when I was there this week to hang inside and plus I have a couple that can hang outside. I had two good days in Missoula on Tuesday and Wednesday with family and will go back again this coming week for a couple more days.

Yesterday, Weston came to visit. He went to Colorado a couple weeks ago as a 2 year old toddler to visit his grandparents there and came back in just 2 weeks as a 3 year old little boy. What is that all about? His birthday is in a couple weeks, but it seems he just grew up overnight.

And here is also a picture of Meagan taken in Oregon a couple days ago. She is 4 and a half now and will start preschool in a week or so - full days. I don't know where the time has gone since they were just infants. But every year, it just gets better and better. They are so much fun! How did I get so blessed?

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Anonymous said...

Those babies are adorable, Ms Meghan looks like she is in control, I hope she is adjusting well..... Enjoy your retreat weekend I am sure you will create something fantastic... Love to you, Ronda