Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm Back . . .

It has been two months since I stopped.

Walker has done well with his cancer treatment.  He finished his 31 radiation treatments last week and he and his parents came home to Bozeman last Thursday.  They were at Children's Hospital until October 1 and then moved over to the nearby Ronald McDonald house where they stayed during the radiation treatments.

Weston had been here with us since the first of September and their mom and dad had been back and forth between here and Denver. Over the weekend they moved into a rental condo for the coming year while they focus on Walker's treatments and recovery. They had planned to live out here while we traveled, but that all changed with this new normal.

Walker has done lots of recovery work from the Posterior Fassa Syndrome that came after the tumor surgery the end of August.  He was unable to move any limbs or his body, walk, see clearly, control his bowels or bladder and for a couple weeks didn't talk.  He is talking fine, no longer needing diapers, has no double vision and he is walking pretty good.  He still has a wheel chair and a walker that he can use, but prefers to walk with some assistance from furniture and a willing hand.  It is kind of hard to watch because it is pretty wabbly walking, but he gets stronger every day.

We had both guys with us Thursday, Friday and Saturday while they moved.  It was so good to have Walker here again.  He really wanted to revisit each and every good memory he had with us - special shopping trips and things we had all done together.  We enjoyed it all.  And the move was complete enough that last night they stayed in their "new" house.

So, Bob and I are "home alone" this morning for the first time in two and a half months.  And it is not too bad.  Especially since we know Walker is doing ok and their family is back together.  We both agree we are really going to miss Weston living here.  Raising a child is hard work and best if one is young, but still a joy no matter how old.  LOL.  The road ahead for all of them is going to be rough, but I am sure they can do it and we are here to help if needed.

We are still thinking of going south - or somewhere - in the motorhome for a couple months after the first of the year, but for now we are just going to enjoy our lives here and help where needed.

Walker will start his 9 chemo sessions on the 10th of December.  They will go each month or 6 weeks to Denver for those treatments.

So, I am going to focus myself back on my fiber art world really hard and put away the need to be a "mother".  I loved having Weston here, but I know why God intends for them to be raised by the young.

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