Friday, March 9, 2012

Still here . . .

I hate to post without pictures, but we are still here in the Palm Springs area and really enjoying the weather and the surroundings. Bob has been doing some "nips and tucks' here and there on Gus just to keep him looking good. (Gus is the motor home - not the pool boy) He had him washed and waxed a couple days ago and repaired an awning that ripped in the windstorm on our way through Idaho a couple weeks ago. We will probably order a new awning when we get home. He built a stand for an dish for TV that he came across in Bozeman but then we found we left the remote for the receiver at home. It is going to get here the first part of the week in our mailbox coming from home. We had the pottie pedal break and he fixed that - he really enjoys all of the little projects. I keep wondering what we would do if he weren't so able to fix anything on this old Gus bus. We would just be living in the parking lot of a CW somewhere.

Me? I am doing only a litte - here and there - a little sewing - a little shopping - a little cooking. But - I am walking again every morning. That is a true blessing and give thanks. I must continue now to better health.

More later - and I will try to add some pictures of this pretty area.

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Janna and Mike said...

It is positively great to have handy husbands!