Friday, January 20, 2012

Never, never, never give up . . .

That is my motto - and I will keep working toward getting something posted that is quilt/fiber related each day. I am not giving up - thank you, Winston Churchill for those ringing words related to a much more important need.

Have you picked up and read the recent issue of Quilters Newsletter? I like this magazine, but this current issues is one of the best. The cover quilt was a partnership by Gail Stepanek and Ronda Beyer. It has won lots of ribbons and cash and they have a nice article inside. There are other great winning quilt pictures and more articles about how quilters have worked on their own dreams to find success.

And here is a good reason to not get much sewing and blogging done this week. This is Walker, 2 and a half, watching his favorite "Little Einsteins". He was here to visit one day this week. He has come to visit a couple days a week since September when his mom went back to work. He is now going to start at a pre-school after next week. We are having feelings of loss mixed with knowing it is time. On Tuesdays, his brother, Weston, has also come out after school and we would all have dinner together before taking them both home. We have sure enjoyed them and will miss these times, but we are getting ready to head south so the timing is right.

Today I did some cleaning in my studio to tidy my nest and make it more cozy so I will want to spend more time there. Once that was done, I determined it was time to get this zipper in Weston's coat. He has other winter coats, but this one is his favorite for skiing and he is off to ski tomorrow. I have been putting it aside for a month now. See that bright shiney brass colored metal zipper? It was not easy, but it is in there, sturdy and replaces the plastic ones so often in little boys coats that last for 2 wearings.

So, I will keep trying to add a picture and a few words about my fiber/sewing/quilting journey each day.

Thanks for stopping - come again.

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