Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good News . . .

We had a really great day! After a stop at a local flooring store - more on that later - we headed off to Billings. It was a gorgeous day. Two years ago, Bob had a scare with carotid artery blockage that our doctors here felt required immediate surgery. They had determined one side had over 80% blockage. Once in Billings, several tests were done prior to surgery and it was determined the blockage was not quite at the "immediate surgery required" level. Based on numerous test, one was blocked to a little over 70% and the other slightly less. A drug treatment was prescribed with regular follow-ups and some education on what we needed to focus on for possible problems. We have had good news with each follow-up of no increase and today the blockage has shown to have actually decreased to 60% in the worst side and the other is better as well. The doctor was amazed and we were thrilled.

Before we left this morning, we stopped and ordered more goodies for the "kitchen remodel". We finally made our backsplash decision and ordered the tile. The picture here is of the accent tile we selected - it is granite, metal and glass and will be an accent band around the kitchen. This tile is 6" x 6" so each little square is just over half an inch. The accent band will be a strip that is 4 of these little squares high. The background tile will be the color of dark bronze - almost black. I will take some pictures of the almost finished kitchen when the backsplash is done. We have a few other decisions to make regarding lighting and counter stools but we are enjoying the kitchen so much now.

We have also decided to move forward with new carpet for this side of the house and ordered that today as well. Our house is made of 2 nine sided pods, connected with an atrium, and "this side" is where the kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, etc. are - the other side is where the bedrooms are. These decisions have not come quickly but we are enjoying the changes.

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